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            作者:IB2 David Guido Leslie William 来源:International Department 宣布时光:2017年04月27日 点击数:

            Live To Eat is an individualized food therapy programwhich uses medical methods to explore and research on why the dietetic therapy can help curing regional diseases.


            We began with doing some researches, reviewing literatures related to both the Chinese medicine and Guangdong dishes, and the philosophy within the Chinese medicine and culture in Guangdong. The research lasted for three weeks. After the research was the broadcast step. We collected the information and knowledge we learned from the literature, disposingall the data and start to broadcast. Our understanding about the Chinese medicine dietetic therapy was posted on the WeChat platform and update it in real time. We also invited some experts in Chinese medicinal field to have some open mini-lectures toward the public or to potential exhibitions.


            We also designed some questionnaires for the survey and eventually write a report on the dietetic structure of Wuxi. The model is called dietary structure model of urban population in Wuxi, which include all the age states from the teenagers, pre-adults, adults to the middle-aged and the elder.This social model and data analysis report helped us understand the potential problems, both regionally and generally, exist in the community we live in. Based on the knowledge we already have about dietetic therapy, we designed an individualized food therapy program for Wuxi citizen. A proposal of the program was provided. Therefore, we can most efficiently use the social resources we have and make a common good for the community we are in. 

            If you are interested in our topic, you could refer to our Wechat platform for details. On the media platform, there are articles talking about food culture, philosophy in Chinese medicine culture, report on the progress of our survey, reflections written by team member, etc.

            What is more, you could also have a look at our reports and lectures for more informaiton.




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