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            作者:IB2 Alsa Sophia Vanessa Wendy 来源:International Department 宣布时光:2017年04月27日 点击数:

            We carried out a CAS project called Foodie Note in order to show some traditional and delicious food that loved by local people but not well-known for others, discover the differently-aged citizens’ distinctive attitudes towards traditional food and gain a better understanding of the cultural background and emotional meaning behind these food:the origin of the food, how the restaurant inherit the skills and develop it, stories of the restaurant with the food, ect.

            We visited several local restaurants and food stores to know more about our traditional local food as well as the culture, story etc behind it.

            After that, we worked out a booklet and a video which recorded all our experiences and feelings in the whole process of this project.




            By doing so, we are sure that our effort could help to raise the awareness of protecting and promoting local food and culture behind them, by making people think of the story behind the food when they enjoy it and remember the history of development of Wuxi. Thus make people understand Wuxi better and love it.



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