First, it is worth noting two or more gamblers play the game, and you'll win it provided you have a higher card than the dealer. Due to its simple layout, the game is not only highly entertaining, but it’s also a game you can easily understand. Bet Technology released the game back in 1993, but Shuffle Master acquired its rights a couple of years later. You can play it at .

After its acquisition, the game became available for play in both online and brick-and-mortar casinos. While its name seems quite threatening, the game is actually a simple game that anyone can play. If you are into card games but do not want to learn the various tactics, you need to incorporate to win the games. Please consider playing the Casino War game. What’s more, it’s ideal for casino novices.

How to Play Casino War

The game is played with six 53-card decks. As it’s the case in poker games, the aces are the highest-ranking card in the game. It has to be played between two to six players. The dealer and the players are dealt with one card. Basically, Casino War is centred around a simple wager, whereby you will win it if you have higher cards than the dealer.

Getting two equal cards means you are in a tie. When you get a tie, you'll either have to surrender and lose the original wager or go to war. Here’s where the game acquired its name. Opting for war means you have to place a bet which must be similar to your original wager. You and the dealer are dealt with the card. You win if you get higher. Otherwise, the house wins.

Tips to Help You Win the Game

Now that you know how the game is played, it is essential to become much better at your game. The first and most important tip is to practice it for free at an online casino. Yes, this is the easiest way to find out the game’s simplicity and difficultness. As you play, it’s advisable to utilise some of the proven strategies and tactics. First, you should avoid placing a side bet.

Although the side bet pays 10:1, it's worthless since the chances of hitting a tie are extremely low. Another important tip is that you should not surrender. If you get into a tie, you have two options, either go to war or surrender. If you do away with the surrendering idea, you'll have high chances of winning the game over your opponent. Merely put, going to war makes you have a 50-50 winning chance.